Frequently Asked Questions


How would you describe your style?

My style is clean, fun and candid with the use of natural light whenever possible.  With this in mind, I aim for photos that tell a story, show a connection or reflect a personality.  It is my hope that you will remember my photos far beyond the event and treasure them as part of the experience for years to come.


Do you offer headshots and other types of photography not listed on this site?  

I have a portable studio that provides options for various photo needs and I am flexible with job descriptions.  I do a lot of work for nonprofits for their websites so the needs vary greatly.


Do you travel for events?

I include a “within thirty minutes” from Groton, MA allowance, but I will travel and add a travel fee for those shoots located beyond the Groton radius.  


I want a mixture of photographs. Do you take candid as well as traditional portraits?

Before any photo shoot, I discuss with clients their photo needs.  I often shoot candid shots at events, but I know that formal portraits are frequently requested and am more than willing to take those types of pictures as well.  


Will I need to get a 2nd photographer for my wedding?  

I always use a second photographer for weddings as there are often times when there needs to be two available to cover all aspects of the event.  


How many photos will I get for my wedding?

The number of photos typically depend on the photo needs for the wedding and dependent on how long I am shooting at the event.  A wedding where I shoot for the entire day (getting ready, venue shots, family portraits, wedding party photos, bride and groom, reception) this often means between 500-700 photos.


How long do I need to wait to receive my photos?

The time frame depends on the type of photos being requested.  Senior and family photos are usually edited within three weeks.  For weddings, I give twenty photos within twenty-four hours and then the remaining photos are usually edited within a month.  If there is a deadline for specified photos, such as headshots, I work with the client to adhere to their requests.


If I want to book with you, what steps should I take?

There are many ways to get start the process.  You can use the contact page on this site, send me an email directly at, or text me at 978-302-9032.  I will get back to you within a day.  


Can I see more photographs other than the ones you have on this site?

Upon request, I can share links to other events to see more examples.  


What if I Dislike getting my picture taken?

Often knowing what you don’t like is helpful in creating images that show your best. Lenses that allow you to be far away from the subject are also helpful in making the photo shoot more relaxing.   Also, the editing of images can enhance the shots.